Wow! Being a Realtor and being able to share my personal vCard with every new client is a fabulous marketing tool for any Real Estate professional. Once they sign-up for their vCard, I add them into my iPhone App contact manager to always be in contact with them. Thanks, vCard Global.
Scott H.
Being a Esthetician and Spa owner, my husband Dale and I are always looking for a way to reach out to our customers. With vCard, I can always contact them through text or email with our monthly specials. vCard PRO is amazing for $99 per year. 2016 will be a great year!
Mia S.
I love being my own boss. I've tried a number of ways to generate a second income, but until vCard Global, no one took me by the hand and taught me what to do. Now I have the tools, the instruction and the personal mentoring to continue growing my own business. I am happy I that I was able to get vCard and then upgrade when I felt comfortable. Thank you.
Richie S.
As the premier lending source and tax preparation service in South Florida, we need to contact our clients all the time. Managing our client list on our vCard App and being able to put them into different groups helps us when we are not in the office. Having a separate CRM and not having to us our mobile phone contact manager is brilliant! You guys are the best!
Andy J.
I love repairing collectibles including, Hummel, Swarvoski, Murano and more. Bringing joy back to my customers is the ultimate thank you! I love that my clients out-of-state can immediately see on their phone, my before and after pictures along with my video. I use the one-click Map It button when I am on the road picking up a new restoration piece. Sincerely,
Allan M.

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